Action Plan

Preparatory Works

Area Agreed Action Target Date Indicators Actual Date
Implementation Organizations Assignment of Project Director (Conservator of Forest) March 2006 Internal Circular 24-May-06
Establishment of PIU March 2006 Government Order Jun-06
Issuance of Government Notification for Establishment of High-level Steering Committee, District-Level Monitoring Committee, Block-Level Expert Committee, Group Development Support Team April 2006 Government Order June 2006,
Feb 2009
Assignment of PIU Staff from Forest Department June 2006 Internal Circular Dec, 2006 to Oct, 2009
Assignment of Staff for PIU by AD, HD, AHD, and IPHD June 2006 Internal Circular Jun-07
Start of Recruitment of Social Development Experts, Training Expert, and Environment Education Expert April 2006 Advertisement Dec-06
Request for JICA's concurrence to evaluation results of Social Development Experts, Training Expert and Environment Education Expert June 2006 Request Letter Jan-07
Completion of Recruitments of Social Development Experts, Training Expert, and Environment Education Expert June 2006 Contracts Sep-07
Assignment of all Staff for PIU June 2006 Contracts June 2006 to Oct, 2009
Start of selection of facilitators and group organizers September 2006 Advertisement Apr-08
Completion of employment of facilitators and group organizers December 2006 Contracts Sep-08
Consultanting Services Invitation for Expression of Interest December 2005 Invitation 17-May-06
Request for concurrence of TOR, Short-list, L/I to JICA New Delhi Office March 2006 Request Letter Jan-07
JICA's concurrence to TOR, Short-list, and L/I April 2006 JICA's Letter Jan-07
Issuance of L/I to Short-listed Consultants May 2006 L/I 23-Jan-07
Request for JICA's concurrence to evaluation results of proposals August 2006 Request Letter Mar-07
JICA's concurrence to evaluation results September 2006 JBIC's Letter Apr-07
Contract with the consultants November 2006 Contract Documents 31-Mar-08
Start of consulting services December 2006 Commencement Order 15-Apr-08
Overall Submission of Engagement Letter from Auditor March 2006 Letter to JBIC May-07
Project Launch Workshop May 2006 Invitation Oct-07
Mid-term Review by March 2009 Review Report in progress
Completion Completion of all activities March 2014 Information to JBIC Mar-15
Preparatory Works Preparation of operation manuals and directives for the project staff September 2006 Manual and Directives Oct-08
Preparation of the operational guidelines for PDC members December 2006 Guidelines Oct-08
Preparation of Income Generating Activities guidelines December 2006 Guidelines Oct-08
Preparation of guidelines for Soil Protection and Land Reclamation and Livelihood Improvement Components December 2006 Guidelines Oct-10
Completion of technical survey for selection of beneficiary Panchayats and completion of report on selection (and submission to JICA) May 2007 Report April-2007 to Sep, 2008
Selection of Target Panchayats July 2007 List April-2007 to Sep, 2008
Annual Work Plan for the first year (and submission to JICA) June 2006 Commencement Order Sep, 2006
Annual Work Plan for the second year (and submission to JICA) February 2007 Government Order Aug-07
Afforestation Afforestation on Government Forests by DFO July 2007 Internal Circular Jul-07
Civil Works and Soil Works Preparation of a consolidated detailed plan for civil works for soil and river management and soil protection and land reclamation (and submission to JICA) May 2007 Report Oct-08
Institutional Building Submission of Annual training plan for the first year November 2006 Plan NA Since elapsed
Start of initial training for project staff, facilitators and group organizers January 2007 Internal Circular Oct-08
Submission of Annual training plan for the second year February 2007 Plan Sep-07
Micro Planning for the First Round Block level familiarization April 2007   Sep-07
Panchayat level familiarization May 2007   Oct-07
First Special Extended Meeting of Gram Panchayats to decide to their willingness to participate June 2007   Oct-07
Ward level familiarization with Up Gram Sabha Meeting June 2007   May-08
First PDC meeting: its formation and executive committee July 2007   Jun-08
First training for PDC members July 2007   Nov-08
Baseline Survey September 2007   Sep-08
Formation of SHG , UG, Water User Groups Plantation Protection Groups September 2007   Sep, 2008 to March 2013
Second PDC meeting September 2007   Oct-08
Third PDC meeting November 2007   Nov-08
Preparation of draft micro plan November 2007   Dec-08
Second Up Gram Sabha for approval of micro plan January 2007 Micro Plan Dec-08
Second PDC General House for approval of micro plans January 2007   Dec-08
Concurrence by PIU February 2007   Dec-08
MOU signed between PDC and PIU March 2008 MOU Dec-08
Start of microplan activities by PIU & PDC April 2008   Dec-08
Start of plantation July 2008   Jul-09

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S.No. Activity Unit APO
Physical Financial
(in lacs)
a. Renovation & Strengthening of Nurseries No. 0 0.00
b. Afforestation in Govt land Ha 257 10.15
c. Afforestation of Govt. Forest through JFM Ha 764.75 35.97
d. Afforestation Private Land Ha 1737 79.36
e. Soil Protection Works Ha - 0.00
 Total Afforestation Component     125.48
2. Civil Works for Soil & Water Management
a. Small Scale Check Dams No.  - 0.00
b. Large Scale Check Dams No. - 0.00
c. Spurs & Embankments M3 - 0.00
d. Ground Sils No. - 0.00
Total Civil works for Soil and Water Management Component     0.00
3. Soil Protection & Land Reclamation
a. Soil Protection in Damaged Private Land   - 0.00
b. Land Reclamation in Damaged Private Land   - 0.00
Total Soil Protection & Land Reclamation Component     0.00
a. Production Activities No. L/s 18.79
b. Community Infrastructure No. L/s 31.31
c. Income Generation Activities No. L/s 75.14
Total Livelihood Improvement Component     125.24
5. Institutional Building Component
a. Renovation of Office. Purchase of Equipment and Vehicles L/S L/s 5.00
b. Incremental Staff (Experts) No. 3 18.00
c. Employment of Contractual Staff ( Facilitators Group Organizers etc) No. L/s 85.00
d. Trainings No. L/s 10.00
e. Other Supporting Activity   L/s 38.41
Total Institution Building Component     156.41
6. Physical Contingency      0
7. Price Escalation      0
8. Book Adjustment received with Claims      0
9 Management Consultancy      135.82
10. Interest during Construction      0
 11. Administration Cost     347.15

Grand Total