Project Targets

Sr. No Component Updated Physical Targets Details
1 Afforestation Component
1-1 Renovation and Strengthening of Nurseries 10 No (a) Renovation of one existing nursery
(b) Construction of 9 temporary nurseries
(c) Seedling production (O&M for 10 nurseries as above)
(d) Construction of training facilities attached to nurseries
1-2 Afforestation of Government Land by Government (including maintenance) 2,000 ha (a) Afforestation (planting and fencing) in non-JFM forests (reserve forest and other government forests far from habitations.Three year maintenance (weeding, watering, patching)
1-3 Afforestation of Government Forests through JFM (including maintenance) 2720 ha (a) Afforestation (planting and fencing) in government forests Three year maintenance (weeding, watering, patching)
1-4 Afforestation of Private Land (including maintenance) 4150 ha (a) Afforestation (planting and fencing) in private lands
(b) Agro-forestry (planting on bunds) was introduced as a sub-component in Livelihood Improvement; this is presented here for the purpose of counting area of afforestation; agro-forestry may be at least 700 notional ha based on conversion rate of 800 plants per ha.
1-5 Soil Protection Works 3630 ha (a) Vegetative Shrub Barriers (Wattling, bench terracing and water disposal, contour bunding in government forests Ditto in non-government forests)
2 Civil Works for Soil and Water Management Component
  River Management was changed to Water Management to reflect focus of the Project.
2-1  Small Scale Check Dam 19328 No (a) Construction of brushwood check dams in government /non government forest lands (Small Scale Brushwood check dams -2903)
(b) Construction of and dry/cement masonry check dams in government / non government forest lands (Small Scale check dams -6237)
(c) Crate Wire small scale check dams – 6430Nos.
(d) Drop Structures (small sized concrete/ cement masonry) – 2,425Nos.
2-2 Silt Detention Dam (Large Scale Check Dam) 738No (a) Construction of concrete silt detention dams (large scale check dams) in government forests / non-forest lands 314
(b) Earthen silt detention dams: 61
(c) Cement masonry water harvesting structures: 148
(d) Earthen water harvesting dams: 31
(e) Water storage tanks (cemented/ earthen): 154
2-3 Spur and Embankment
25927 M3
(a) Construction of Live hedge spurs.
(b) Construction of Crate wire spurs.
(c) Construction of Gabion Embankment
(d) Construction of Cement masonry embankment.
(e) Construction of Earthen embankment with stone pitching.
2-4 Ground Sill 296 No (a)Construction of ground sills
(b) Construction of Barrier wall
(c) Construction of Cause ways
(d) Construction of Vented foot bridge.
3 Soil Protection and Land Reclamation Component
3-1 Soil Protection Works in Damaged Private Land 2180 ha (a) Bench Terracing and Water Disposal
(b) vegetative boundries,
(c) Contour/ field bunding
(d) Vegetative field boundries vegetative measure/ wattling.
(e) Drainage Line Treatment (Gully stabilization and plugging work in arable land)
i) Individual
ii) community
3-2 Land Reclamation in Damaged Private Land including Irrigation Development 370 ha (a) Plantation of grasses and bushes
(b) C/o Irrigation channel for scheduled caste & Scheduled tribe
(c) Uprooting of hedges / bushes , leveling & addition of soil.
(d) Pipes for carrying water from water source to fields
(e) Incentive on sprinkler sets
(f) C/o Water distribution channel
4 Livelihood Improvement Component
4-1 Production Activities  L/s (a) Agriculture
  i) transfer of production technology
  ii) Agro Forestry
(b) Horticulture
  i) Demonstration plantation
  ii) Home stead plantation
(c) Animal Husbandry
  i) Construction of mangers
  ii)Repair of Cattles sheds
  iii) Chaff Cutters
(d) Grass Land Development
  i) Govt. Shamlat land
  ii) Private land (Ghasani)
  iii) On-farm Fodder production
(e) Fuel Saving Devices
  i) Solar Cookers
  ii) Gover gas plant/LPG
  iii) Pressure cooker
Water Resource development
  i) Village pond
  ii) Roof Rain Water Harvesting
4-2 Community Infrastructure  L/s (a) Improvement of small village path
(b) Construction of small foot bridges/ causeways
(c) Repair of foot paths
4-3 Income Generating Activities  L/s (a) Land based activities
(b) Non-land based activities
5 Institutional Building Component
5-1 Renovation of Office and Purchase of Equipment and Vehicles for PIU   (a) Office Renovation and Furniture Supply for PIU Office and construction of office and residential accommodation.
(b) Office Renovation and Furniture Supply for Other Offices
(c) Purchase of Office Equipment including Computers (20), Printers, LAN, Photocopiers (7), Telephones, and Fax with Operation Cost
(d) Purchase of Vehicles (8) and Motorbikes (4) for PIU
(e) Establishment of GIS System and Weather Stations
5-2 Incremental Staff for PIU   (a) 47 Officers for Forest Department
(b) 1 Officer for Agriculture Department
(c) 1 Officer for Horticulture Department
(d) 1 Officer for Animal Husbandry Deptt
(e) Training Expert
(f) 2 Social Development Experts
(g) Environmental Education Expert
5-3 Employment of Facilitators, Group Organizers, and Extension Officers   (a) 15 Facilitator
(b) 40 Group Organizers
(c) 6 Agriculture Extension Officers
(d) 3 veterinary Extension Officers
(e) 3 Horticulture Extension Officers
(f) 71 Para workers ( new)
5-4 Training/ Exposure Visit   (a) Training for PDC Members on Group Formulation and Micro-planning
(b) Training/ Exposure visit for Government Officials
(c) Overseas Training/ Exposure visit
(d) Training for Beneficiaries on Production Activities
(e) Awareness Campaign
6 Consulting Services
      Assistance in (a) preparation of operational and technical manuals, (b) technical survey for selection of the target villages, (c) site selection, design, cost estimation and monitoring of major civil works for soil and river management, (d) review of planning, implementation, and O&M of civil structure, (e) synthesization of the project experiences and lessons, and (f) advice for overall project management